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Dr. Stacie McCormick, is a Mississippi-raised Black feminist scholar and writer. She is an Associate Professor of English, Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies and Women and Gender Studies at Texas Christian University (TCU). Her work takes up a number of subjects such as: politics of the body (biopower, necropolitics, disability, reproductive justice, etc), land, sexuality, and the ongoing resonance of slavery in contemporary Black writing and performance.

Everything worthwhile is done with other people.

– Mariame Kaba 


We are Pregnant with Freedom: Meditations on Storytelling and Reproductive Justice

This book explores storytelling work from the vantage point of those who often experience intersectional invisibility in Reproductive Justice discourse and research. The book contends that the critical and creative storytelling of those most marginalized in this work constitutes embodied knowledge that advances care and healing in Reproductive Justice work more broadly. Situated at the crossroads of my lived experiences as a Black birthing person, mother, and scholar, this book traces the production of Black sexual and reproductive liberation narratives across communities that theorize new understandings of “care” as culturally responsive, free, conscious of past harm, and invested in Black wellness.


The classroom is a powerful site of transformation and community. These are the principles that ground my teaching. As a literature, performance, and Black feminist scholar, my work in the classroom and beyond is centrally guided by an ethos of community building and deep critical engagement across modes. I offer courses on various facets of Black Studies such as: Black Performance Studies, Reproductive Justice, Introduction to Ethnic Studies, Toni Morrison, African Diaspora Literatures, and Black Women’s Writing.


Research Areas

Black Body Politics

African Diaspora Literature and Culture

Black Feminisms

Reproductive Justice

Performance Studies

Visual Culture 

Toni Morrison

Public Humanities
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