McCormick HeadshotI specialize in 20th and 21st– century African American Literature and Literatures of the African Diaspora. My research and writing traverses literary, visual culture, gender and sexuality, race, body and performance studies. I received my PhD in English from City University of New York, The Graduate Center. My dissertation, “The Open Wound: Writing Black Female Bodies,” received the Carolyn G. Heilbrun Dissertation Prize for Outstanding Feminist Dissertation in the Humanities by The Center for the Study of Women and Society at The Graduate Center, CUNY in 2011.  I am currently an assistant professor of English at Texas Christian University.

My book Staging Black Fugitivity is forthcoming with The Ohio State University Press. This project contends that contemporary Black dramas animate the slave past as an intervention in critical discourses that present largely uncomplicated (and/or incomplete) views of the history of slavery, of realities of racial progress, and of Black subjectivity – past and present. These dramas destabilize the body, time, and space to revise histories of slavery, critique the present, and offer new vocabularies for thinking about blackness. Taken together, this body of work presents counter-narratives of the nation that feature the perspectives of those often marginalized out of the discourse. Like the development of the neo-slave narrative, dramas featuring slavery often emerge at moments of cultural transition and racial advancement from the 1960s to today. As we are currently bombarded with narratives of arrival in the form of post racialism, these works remind us that struggles for racial equality and justice remain unfinished.

I am also the mother to Zoe and Jackson (my joys) and partner to Demetrius, a constant support and friend.

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